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Meet the Team

Ace Oil Tools is a Norwegian Oil & Gas company founded in 2012. Its aim is to be an innovative global technology provider with respect to downhole components which need to be locked securely onto any tube with unrivalled holding force and slim design. Our team members have broad and extensive backgrounds from the oil & gas industry. We share a common interest in innovation & technology. Since the inception of Ace Oil Tools, we have developed a range of innovative products and cost-efficient solutions for our clients.

Norway – Stavanger

Lasse Hetland

Chief Executive Officer

Lasse Hetland, co-founder and CEO of Ace Oil Tools. Hetland has more than 20 years of experience from oil services, inter alia, 15 years with Weatherford in various positions but mainly as a manager focusing on casing running, and 3 years with Tesco Corporation as Sales Manager/Country Manager.

Morten Klausen

Chief Technology Officer

Morten Klausen started his career in 2001 with Smedvig, Seadrill and most recently Archer Wellservice. He has worked offshore for nearly 12 years within drilling, completion and well intervention as Wireline Supervisor. Mr. Klausen is one of the founders of Ace Oil Tools and is acting as Chief Technology Officer. He was educated at the Stavanger Offshore Technical College.

Ken Erik Steine

Business Development Manager

Ken Erik Steine started his oil & gas career with Maersk Drilling, then Schlumberger and Tesco Corporation. After 3 years working on casing drilling/running with Tesco Corporation, Mr. Steine founded Ace Oil Tools together with Morten Klausen and Lasse Hetland.

Joachim Åkesson

Sales Manager

Joachim Åkesson started as a Sales Manager August 1, 2016. Prior to joining Ace Oil Tools, his career developed with Tesco Corporation, Smith Services and Franks International. He has eight years of experience with sales, project management and operations.

Bjarte Røssland

Operations Manager

Bjarte Røssland started his Oil & Gas career with Dolphin Drilling, moved on to Tesco Corporation and then to Franks International, acting as Casing/Running Supervisor in both companies. Mr. Røssland joined Ace Oil Tools as Operations Manager in 2015.

Anders Harestad

Workshop Mechanic

Anders Harestad initially apprenticed as a car mechanic. Prior to joining Ace Oil Tools in June 2016, he worked as a mechanic with Hytech Personell for one and a half year, after serving his three-year apprenticeship with Ford.

US – Houston

Ellen M. Walvik

Office Manager

Ellen M. Walvik joined Ace Oil Tools in April 2016. Ms. Walvik has broad experience with organization development, project management, communication and marketing - from both the private and the public sector.  She holds a Master of Arts in the combination of Finance, Social Pedagogy and French.

US – Houston

Mike Moffitt

VP Western Hemisphere

Mike Moffitt has a proud history in downhole tool development and deployment.  He began his career in liner systems and has nine years’ experience developing directional casing and liner drilling solutions with Tesco and Schlumberger. Mike brings to Ace Oil Tools many talents from his roles in product development, sales, & operations engineering, and has been awarded 10 patents in casing and liner drilling technologies.

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